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Webmasters behold, herein you will find a variety of gadgets, gizmos, tools and tutorials that will aid you in your quest for online dominance. Everything from website hosting and design, through to promotion, maintenance and sponsorship, is covered within the resources listed below.

Hints, Tips & Discussion

  • Geek/Talk - A busy and productive community of web publishing professionals. A wealth of great tips are to be found here.
  • Hosting-Forums.com - An open forum for the discussion of web development and hosting-related issues.
  • NET-ADS - One of the web's most exhaustive resources for webmasters. Takes you from the development process, right through to site refinement, promotion and sponsorship.


  • IgniteAds.com Popup Exchange- Allows publishers to significantly increase traffic to their web properties via a 2:1 popunder exchange system that is free to use. That is, for every two popunder windows that launch from your website, a website URL of your choice will be launched from another website that is participating in the network - thus introducing your property to an audience that may otherwise have not sought out the site.
  • Submission Station - Post multiple website URLs to 24 of the Net's most popular search engines with a single click!

    Generating Ad Revenue

  • FastClick - Offers webmasters the opportunity to supplement their income through banner ads and popunders. You will be paid on a hybrid CPM/CPC basis, and are offered monthly payments once $25 has ammassed. Read Net-Ads' review of this ad network here.

    Free Web Space

  • WebhostPIA - Free domain/sub-domain hosting. Webmasters may additionally use the service to offer their visitors branded @yourdomain.com email accounts for free.

    Commercial Web Hosting

  • HOSTconnections - This straightforward directory lists the best web hosts available.
  • Pow Web Hosting - A great budget package that includes all of the following features for only US$7.77/month: 50MB domain account, unlimited bandwidth, POP email account, CGI access, FTP access, unlimited email forwarding, counter, autoresponder, Frontpage 2000 extentions, SSL, 24hr Setup and a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Superb Web Hosting.com - Is able to supply all your hosting needs whether you are an individual looking to put a few pages on the web or a full fledged corporation looking to e-commerce enable your website today.

    Commercial Web Design Services

  • DesignHall.com - Develop web sites from concept to online to marketing, providing a full range of web development and programming services.

    Commercial Online Marketing

  • IgniteSearch - This is a pay-for-placement search engine in which clients bid on key words to place high on their searches. This is a great low-cost marketing outlet for web publishers, and provides accurate, relevant results to web surfers. Advertiser's bids start at just 1 cent/click, after placing a minimum opening balance of $10.
  • Web Marketing Profit Pack - Now you can get an entire collection of winning autoresponder messages to model, copy and swipe. Put your website's sales on autopilot!

    Online Tools & Services

  • ezwhois.com - A simple domain name lookup tool that queries the .com, .net, .org, .info and .biz registries. Free to use.
  • Free Webmaster Tools - As the name implies, this website offers up a range of free tools for webmasters, including promotional tools, lookup devices, menu generators, Flash generators and more.
  • Serverpatrol.com - Do you know if your web site is up? You can. ServerPatrol.com monitors the performance of your servers so you don't have to. You be in touch with your servers via any email capable device providing you with the information you need to know when you need it.

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